Ecological Services

EcoSmith Consulting’s ecological and environmental services include the following:

  • Environmental impact assessment and regulatory compliance
  • Scientific research and monitoring
  • Natural resource survey design and management
  • Sustainability planning


Sarah’s primary interest is in the application of ecological principles to land and energy development (particularly renewable energy), water resource management, wildlife conservation, and sustainable agriculture. She has worked in the Upper Midwest, the eastern U.S., and internationally. Key project experience in consulting and field biology has included the following:

  • Assessment of threatened and endangered species habitats
  • Analysis of ecological impacts for proposed wind farms
  • Environmental review and permitting for biofuel production and other land development
  • Analysis of bird communities and management strategies for proposed large-scale river ecosystem restoration
  • Analysis of shallow lake protection status
  • Coordination of corporate sustainability planning and sustainability reviews for proposed developments
  • Research and development of innovative treatment for industrial wastewater and the effectiveness of wetland buffers for urban stormwater runoff
  • Contribution to development of animal welfare standards for ducks in commercial production
  • Research on the breeding ecology and reproductive physiology of tropical wood ducks and development of species-specific microsatellite DNA markers
  • Contributions to woodland restoration and to research on wading bird ecology, temperate waterfowl breeding biology, exotic aquatic plant control and chemical deterrence, grassland biodiversity and succession, tropical woody species diversity, monarch butterfly breeding biology, and bottlenose dolphin biology and behavior
  • Inventory of natural resources for an urban park


Whether the goal is to develop renewable energy, protect water quality, build a high-performance building, or restore a native habitat, the science of ecology has much to offer the post-industrial world. Sarah’s advanced training in ecological principles and her extensive experience with applied science provide her with the qualifications to consult on a variety of projects.

If the land mechanism as a whole is good then every part is good, whether we understand it or not…To keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of intelligent tinkering..  –Aldo Leopold