Educational Services

EcoSmith Consulting’s educational services include the following:

  • Education and outreach planning
  • Curriculum development
  • Implementation of training programs, seminars, and classes


Sarah has worked as an educator with students from preschool through college, with the general public, and with colleagues and clients. She has taught and interpreted a range of subjects in both formal classrooms and informal settings. Her wide-ranging experience includes development and delivery of the following programs, courses, and materials:

  • a college-level curriculum geared toward career opportunities in the lumber and wood products industries for non-forestry majors
  • a Family Forest Owner Toolbox developed in collaboration with Dovetail Partners and the former Great Lakes Forest Alliance
  • technical case studies for beginning farmers in sustainable agriculture
  • professional training programs for low-impact stormwater management, green building, and other aspects of sustainable site design
  • strategic plans for corporate sustainability and watershed education and outreach
  • homeschool classes and co-ops focused on nature and history
  • museum exhibit interpretation and camps and classes in paleontology, geology, ornithology, and other topics in biology
  • college-level courses for biology majors in ecology, animal behavior, scientific writing, and general biology
  • college-level courses for non-majors in environmental science and human biology


Sarah understands the educational principles that underlie effective programming as well as the nuts and bolts of coordinating a program and delivering content. Through her varied experiences, she has learned how to tailor technical information to the audience, whether they are members of the public who need to understand their role in watershed protection, students navigating their career potential, or professionals trying to make their business practices more sustainable.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. –Nelson Mandela